Executive Committee


It shall consist of 7 office bearers (DPGI, Dean, Sub-Dean, Treasurer (Representative from Account branch), 1 Secretary, 2 Joint Secretaries (1 male and one female nominated by DPGI ) and a total of 13 Executive Committee Members.



  1. To conduct and supervise the working of the Alumni relations cell
  2. To work towards the fulfilment of the aims and objectives of the Cell
  3. The Executive Committee will have powers to create sub-committees and nominate faculty members of the Institute on these Sub- Committees for better functioning of the cell.
  4. The Executive Committee can also co-opt Guest Members on various committees and sub committees of the Alumni cell.
  5. The Executive Committee has the power to sanction the expenses as may be required for the functioning.
  6. The term of the Executive Committee will be 3 years.



Overall Administrative-Incharge The serving director of the Institute by virtue of his post will act as the overall administrative Incharge of PGI Alumni relations cell.

Dean & Sub-Dean relations cell: Two Senior Professors of the Institute will be nominated by the Staff Council of the Institute on the request of the Member Secretary Council through the staff council Agenda.

Other Executive members: Will be nominated by DPGI in consultation with Dean & Sub-Dean of PGI Alumni relations cell and there would include as below:

1. Executive Member 3 Nos. (Faculty of the Institute)
(1 Secretary, 2 Joint Secretaries)
2. Executive Member 1 Nos. Representing college of Nursing
3. Executive Member 1 Nos. Representing Institute of Para-Medical sciences
4. Executive Member 1 Nos. Financial Adviser/ Representative from Accounts branch
5. Executive Member – 1 Nos. Deputy Director of the Institute.
6.Executive Member- 1 Nos. Former Director/Dean of the Institute.



Overall administrative Head:

  • DPGI will preside over all the meetings of the Alumni relations cell and Executive
  • DPGI will be responsible for all the work done by the Executive Committee.
  • He, along with Dean will represent the Alumni relations cell in the media, national and international fora.

Dean – Alumni relations cell.

Dean will assist the DPGI in discharging his duties. The Dean shall have all the powers and duties of the DPGI in his absence for managing activities of Alumni relations cell. He/She shall be one of the authorized signatories of financial transactions.

Sub-Dean – Alumni relations cell.

  • To look after the day to day working of the Alumni cell.
  • He/she shall maintain records of all proceedings of the Executive Committee.
  • To call meeting of Executive Committee.
  • He/She shall be one of the authorized signatories of financial transactions.

Secretary – Alumni relations cell: Member Secretary Staff Council will also act as Secretary of Alumni relations cell.

  • Will assist Dean & Sub-dean in carrying out day to day activities of the Alumni cell.
  • Will prepare calendar of activities of Alumni relations cell in consultation with Dean & Sub-dean and finalize the same after approval from DPGI.
  • Will be a authorized signatory for financial transaction in the absence of Dean & Sub-dean.

Treasurer (Member Representative of Accounts branch)

  • To make payments from approved funds as decided by the Executive Committee.
  • The Treasure will keep the accounts of the Alumni and get them audited annually.
  • The Treasurer will operate the accounts of the Association jointly with the Dean, Sub Dean and Secretary of Alumni relations cell.
  • The Treasurer will present to the DPGI a statement of accounts of the Alumni relations cell every 3 months and to the Executive Committee every 6 months.

Co-opted Members

The other members will assist the Dean & Sub-Dean in discharging their duties as per the Constitution of the Alumni relations cell.




There will be a minimum of two Executive Committee meetings in a year. Absence from two consecutive Executive Committee meetings without prior intimation may lead to dropping of the member from the Executive Committee. The vacancy thus created will be filled by co-opting any other faculty member from the Institute.


The Dean / Sub-Dean will ask secretary to call the meetings of the Executive Committee. The place and time of which will be fixed in consultation with the DPGI. Agenda for the meeting will be approved by the DPGI and will accompany the notice. Notice for the Executive Committee, however, can be given on phone/email or any other manner with approval of the Executive Committee.


The presence of two-third of total members as proper quorum in all meetings of the Executive Committee. In case the quorum is inadequate, the meeting will be adjourned and re-convened after 15 days. The members present in the re-convened meeting will constitute the quorum for that meeting.


Proposals for amendments to the constitution may be submitted to the Executive Committee by any member of the PGI Alumni relations cell. Such proposals will be discussed by the Executive Committee and presented in a Staff Council meeting for which prior information will be provided at least six weeks before the meeting. Amendments to the Constitution will be adopted by two third majority of the present Members in Staff Council meeting.


The financial year of the “The PGI Alumni Relations Cell” will be from 1st April to 31st March every year.


The bank accounts will be operated by three office bearers, i.e. the Dean, Sub-Dean & Treasurer. The accounts shall be maintained in any of the Nationalised Bank in Union Territory of Chandigarh.


The Executive Body will appoint an Auditor (Chartered Accountant) who will submit his report to the President for presentation to the Executive Committee.


Donation of any amount in cash and/or kind may be accepted by the Alumni relations cell.

Term of Executive Committee:

The term of executive committee will be for a period of 3 years, however, this can be extended for another two years

after approval of the staff council as the special recommendation of DPGI.